Barners-Lee a graduate  student of Oxford University started the internet based hypermedia initiate for global information sharing.starting with line mode and NEXTStep being able to demostrate to acces  hypertex files, CERNVM “FIND” and Usenet. eventually files were available on Usenet, posting atl.hypertext,, comp.text.sgml and comp.mail.multi-media. VMS/HELP and WAIS gate ways are intalled. And also telnet service was started. Initially there were 3 main servers HEP W3 servers, W3 prospective and also own network infotmation service.


I recently had been involved in more blogging. Since I have been leraning about how powerful as a tool it can be to blog or just reading blogs of any different theme or subject. Since you know the concept of blogging your are able to find interesting subjects and stuff. I recently have been looking for blogs on any website that I visit. Is amazing how peoplre get in to them. I am surprised on knowing that once you start a blog of something you like eventually people of the same interest will read them and have comments or thoughts or even questions about the theme. I usually watch sport center on tv and like to be informed about sports and stuff mainly football or soccer for north America. Since I never had any time to watch tv I go to the espn website and watch all the sport center editions which are reduce on a little amount of time with out the commercials and stuff. And so on every video there’s people leaving comments about what they don’t have or said anything or just add or leav their opinion. So is very interesting how people think and really want to express themselves. There are also different blogs that people from the espn channel made. Like professional sport critiques make or write themes or subjects.

So I think this class have eventually make me aware of how to not just surfing through the web but also informing and surfing through a different mentality and looking for better informationand eventually better information.

So in my elements of design class we had been working with Adobe Photoshop and illustrator and learning techniques and how to basically use these programs being useful to us and how they can be also very helpful. This week our assignment was to create a t-shirt and submitted to  I decided to use adobe illustrator for this assignment and use the t-shirt template and work on it adding and applying my ideas to it. I totally had no idea what to do or make as usually. I always take a good time looking through pictures and stuff gathering ideas and son on. I spend some time looking to all the graphics and designs of the t-shirts through the whole page. Since I did not have an idea of what to create I started to come up with ideas. I started to like the idea of having the whole design all over the t-shirt. And then I like the some of the colors I saw in some designs like the light pink or light yellow almost like cream color. And my final idea came up when I saw the designs of a designer that had all his artwork based on a face of women and had different pictures of her.  So I gathered all those ideas and made my t-shirt based on all those ideas. I took a picture from my friend on facebook and started to work on it. I t came all right and just wrote this blog to explain on how I work on my ideas and basically all the work that I do. All this I created two hours of class probably one hour and a half thinking about the idea and the 30 min in just creating or doing my idea on physical work.

I created a youtube account just becouse is one of the most popular site to watch any kind of videos. The process was fairly simple need an email adres username and a password.

starts byprofile setup describing yourself giving yourself a URL, personla details, lacation jobs and career education and intreest. You can also upload a photo.Second step ois to custumize your home page, being able to see recent activities and recommended videas and all that  good stuff.

it also give you options about play back sewtups, email, blog setup mobil stup and all that setups that can be edited or customize.

Privacy does not have many obtions just simple research and contact restrictions. Allowing only friends to send messages or share videos. It also has ads preference manager which i think is one of the best settings inhere. With this you can control based on your own interest. what you watch is what you’ll be recommended for . Which makes you tube more useful.

last week i went to the ikea store in search of a new bed. I knew ikea for their modern design furniture and all that good stuff. since i really like all that style i decided to fo with it and look for a new bed. Since they had great designs and also fair and great prices for almost anything you r looking for. I arrived at hte morning around 9 am there was a lot o people all ready. I went upstairs and the whole cafeteria area was busy. I saw their were giving free breakfast, free eggs coffee and a muffin. i though it was the greatest thing ever as i was getting free breakfast i saw slices of cake that were also really cheap. anyways i spent the whole day at the store and i didn’t not only bought a bed but also a lamp, mattress and new sheets for the bed and stuff. All the people was buying stuff  like crazy, not also mentioning all the great sales that they have all over the different department stores.

Pamplemousse music

Pamplemousse is Jack conte and Nataly Dawn started music together since 2008.

How did i found out about pamplemousse?. As usual i was watching videos on youtube and i was watching Julia nunes videos. I’ve following her since last year what I like the most about Julia nunes are her videos that she has posted. Anyway as i was watching these videos and eventually liked to one of the videos where Julia nunes and Pamplemousse are together. And then I watched more videos of pamplemousse which eventually became more interesting and creative. What they do is record all the music synced to video. All intruments are recorded with one condenser microphone which i think its a Neuman. Resently they been using other types of mics. But I like the most is the music the mood and the quality of the recording and also not mentioning the videos that they made.

But pamplemousse is more than just into doing music but also a reason to get involved with them by doing tons of different stuff. On every video that they post they have a conversation on the end. Giving you a reason to learn or found out more about them giving you free downloads and more cool stuff.

For example I watched the video of the song always in the season which is amazing and probably the most beautiful song for christmas. I listened on Christmas day and that’s probably why I though it was the greates Christmas song. Well after the video they have a conversation on how you can get an mp3 for free with a brand new song which has not been released yet, for christmas. All you have to do is get involve by giving free goats to a poof family which is a really good idea.

I also have to mention that my favorite song that they had is a cover called mister sandman. Pamplemoose also has twitter youtube page and myspace in which you can download free music and get t shirts and all kinds of stuff.